Contemporary Artists Bedfordshire


Contemporary Artists Bedfordshire

We aim to offer support and development to artists both locally and beyond. You can sign up for our mailing list to be kept up to date or check our What’s On page for our next Contemporary Artists Bedfordshire event.

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Artists’ Suppers:

The Artists’ Suppers offer rich conversation paired with great food and the opportunity for local artists to meet, connect, share and get to know one another. Previous Artists’ Suppers have been lead by DashnDem and Aid & Abet. Join our mailing list to keep up to date with upcoming events.

Orta Meal 2017.


Bedford Creative Arts manages seven artist studios at i-Create, 104 Midland Road, Bedford MK40 1QE. These studios are available for visual artists with the aim of providing a supportive environment for the development and growth of their practice in Bedfordshire.

The i-Create studios are one of a number of initiatives which Bedford Creative Arts is involved in that aims to develop a strong local arts programme and a range of opportunities for people to both develop their careers as artists and to experience a lively creative culture. The funding for the i-Create studios refurbishment was provided by Bedford Borough Council and The East of England Development Agency, (EEDA). These funders require that the studios are used for particular purposes and artists fulfilling that criteria will be prioritised. Therefore selection will be through application.

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We don’t currently have any studios free, but you can join our mailing list to be kept up to date on all of our artist focused events and studio opportunities.

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Studio Artists


Josepa Munoz

Josepa Munoz aims to raise people’s awareness of history’s oscillation between MEMORY and FORGETTING, the PAST and the PRESENT and the importance of individual’s own interpretation in a world preoccupied with historical facts and remembrance. Her practice is multidisciplinary and underpinned by a strong sense of cultural, historical and political narrative, exploring the themes of personal identity and remembrance via Catalan culture and a wider theoretical context.


Kristian Purcell

Kristian Purcell is a painter and graphic artist engaged with histories and memories. He is working with subjects of personal and local history, exploring through painting the role of photography and collections in both personal and cultural memory. His fine art and graphic practice is heavily informed by his experience of working with and curating fine art and history collections at The Higgins Art Gallery and Museum, Bedford.


John Stephens

John Stephen’s practice has two strands; primarily painting through which he pursues his interests in abstraction and colour with a testing of the continued relevance of modernist abstraction within the materialism of postmodernism. The other, photography has evolved from an interest in urban space. From 2003 to 2012 John was an academic in fine art at the University of Bedfordshire. More recently he has been involved with Directional Forces an artists’ research group based at the University of East London.


Arabel Rosillo De Blas

Arabel Rosillo de Blas is a visual artist whose sculpture and site-specific interventions function as social commentary. Focusing her lens on material culture and the ‘feminine’ tactile environment, she investigates wider issues of power relationships, exploitation and inequality. Through small objects as well as large-scale installations, she explores phenomenological encounters with objects and spaces.


Alison Goodyear

Alison Goodyear is a visual artist, working predominantly within the expanded field of painting. This practice has grown out of an enquiry of the experience of aesthetic absorption: both its theoretical and practical implications, drawing on the theories of Denis Diderot and Michael Fried. Alison is also currently a part time PhD candidate at Chelsea College of Arts, University Arts London.


Catherine Baker

Catherine Baker has an established profile within the areas of Drawing Practice and Drawing research, her PhD (completed in 2012) investigated the role of eye movements within drawing. Her interest in the neuro-biology of the eye led to a consideration of certain eye movements as, in essence, a metaphorical mark. Catherine has considerable experience of working collaboratively with scientists and is a firm believer in interdisciplinarity both within the context of contemporary fine art, research and pedagogically across all creative disciplines.


Jan Uprichard

Jan Uprichard’s practice is dialogical and site specific, involving differing levels of participation and collaboration. She often works with smell as a device to re-programme how we perceive our surroundings and the systems they are built on. More recently she has begun to explore how sound and light/colour contribute to our sense of a place as well. Escapism is an underlying force in much of her work. Using moments of interaction to escape into different memories / places. The work oscillates between participatory events and obsessive research using archives, walking, food, film, sound, smell, bookmaking, interventions or combinations of all the above. Jan also work as part of artist collective Sociable NonScience and as a freelance Curator/Producer.

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